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Welcome to our OOC community! This is where we post our mod announcements and where players can give introductions, say goodbyes, and post up plots. Refer to the above links and following tags.

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May. 2nd, 2017 10:22 pm
romanticlove: (Default)
[personal profile] romanticlove
Hey guys! I'm going to be taking a hiatus for the month of May to kind of recharge the mental batteries a little bit. The last few weeks have been super crazy with a new job and it's been a lot to juggle on top of keeping up with RP. Thank you everyone for being supportive and understanding and I will be back soon.

Ren will be getting crystallized and poor Yuuki will have a shiny, inanimate, room mate for a month. Have fun ;)
tacticalvisor: (free slaves running)
[personal profile] tacticalvisor
Hey guys-

Sending 76 on hiatus for a bit while I finish up a move. Hoping to be back before the end of May, but I'm putting that as my end just-in-case.
mother_of_monsters: (=^_^=;  Shy kitty is shy)
[personal profile] mother_of_monsters
Hello everyone!

I need to go to an impromptu family vacations to Oporto and I'll be gone from tomorrow until Tuesday or so. This affects my only char here, the kitty, so sorry for slow to non-existent tags until I get back.


Mar. 7th, 2017 04:44 am
sanguisdolore: (◤ completely blind to life ◢)
[personal profile] sanguisdolore
Okay so uh... between this whole last week being a complete mess and RL just continually adding things on, i've become pretty nonexistent with tags and before that wasn't much better so I decided i'm just gonna go on hiatus for the next month here and will be gone from now til about the 4th of next month.

It's just so I can recharge and sort out my life with everything all going on at once without having the added stress of worrying about tags and other such matters. This doesn't mean I won't try to get to all of my current tags sitting in my inbox but please bear with me and I promise i'll backtag as much as y'all will let me.

This affects both Kairi ([personal profile] notgoingtowait) and Mikaela ([personal profile] sanguisdolore) and apologies to anyone who's been waiting on tags from me. I'm hoping after this hiatus i'll have everything sorted out and be a much faster tagger ♥


Jan. 12th, 2017 09:53 pm
futureprofessor: (Default)
[personal profile] futureprofessor
Soooo sorry to put this up just after I made that plotting post! But I had to put up a sudden hiatus while I deal with some family shit - end of the month minimum, will update dates if necessary! So if anyone else wants to put that log up please go ahead, in fact I'll eternally grateful. Read you later, Emp!


Jan. 7th, 2017 11:05 pm
la_sombra: (Default)
[personal profile] la_sombra
 Hey there! This is Scout and I'm gonna be driving cross country to my new home in sunny Calif starting tomorrow morning. Hard hiatus until January 21. (So I can get settled)

See y'all later
lightthedarkness: (Good morning!)
[personal profile] lightthedarkness

This is Jax, player of Usagi Tsukino ([personal profile] lightthedarkness) and Snow White ([personal profile] onebadapple) just announcing that I will be on official hiatus from today Dec. 28th to Jan. 14th! I will be traveling out of the country with family, so while I might be able to get a tag in every now and then, nothing will be properly consistent until I get back.

So until then, my gals shall be on auto-pilot! If you need to get in touch with me the best way is through my plurk: [ profile] snickersnack and I'll try and get back to you as soon as I can.

See you next year, Empatheias!
omnitrixter: (You think so?)
[personal profile] omnitrixter
I want to apologize to everybody waiting on tags from me. It's been a rough month, and Hurricane Matthew stopping by this coming Thursday and Friday aren't likely to help much.

I'm shooting to get back to tagging and everything on October 10th (appropriate given this nerd), so please let me know if there's anything you might want either of my two dorks involved with something. I know I need to get the chance to fix Ben after his last crap trip home.

Affected characters are Ben Tennyson ([personal profile] omnitrixter) and Princess Cadence ([personal profile] needsexcitement)


Sep. 11th, 2016 12:45 am
ninjainviolet: (Default)
[personal profile] ninjainviolet
I'll be taking the next month off from the game. My apologies to those I was plotting with, but burnout kind of crept up on me.

Hopefully, I'll be able to come back early.


Sep. 8th, 2016 01:40 am
ryuwrighthistory: (No hard feelings?)
[personal profile] ryuwrighthistory
So Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice comes out today and I'm heading to a convention at the end of the month. I can say that I will likely not have my head in the game to RP and putting myself on hiatus starting now and for the rest of the month. I may be able to tag more during the middle of the month, I just figured hiatusing for the whole month would be better than getting off after beating the game, only to go back on hiatus in the same month.

Both Naruhodou and Pride ([personal profile] shadowofpride) will be on autopilot for the duration.


Sep. 5th, 2016 10:04 pm
killectric: please do not use (the smol thinks)
[personal profile] killectric
Hey all! Val here, just sticking a note up that I'll be taking a hiatus for possibly the rest of the month with Killua ([personal profile] killectric). Real life is doing critical damage right now. I'll still keep up with my current threads, though I'll be slow (as I have been, unfortunately).

See you all soon!


Aug. 16th, 2016 05:22 pm
originalryokuryuu: (3)
[personal profile] originalryokuryuu
Hello, Hotaru here mentioning that I'll be going on hiatus for the rest of them month due to work stuff. So for a while, Shu-Ten, Azuma ([personal profile] sharpstring), and Juli ([personal profile] dragonshift) will be on autopilot. I might be tagging a little sporadically but either way.

Aug. 4th, 2016 12:44 pm
intohell: (087)
[personal profile] intohell
 Hey all, just a note for those I'm threading with that aren't on my plurk. I'm going on a work related trip this weekend and have already been dealing with travel jitters, so I apologize for any tags that are late or will be late. I have no idea if I'll have access to internet so tags are mostly on hold until at least the 8th.

This is for Riza here and Misaki ([personal profile] protecttheweak ).


Jul. 17th, 2016 06:53 am
becomeashield: (Default)
[personal profile] becomeashield
Hey guys! Kiri here. Just letting people know that I'll be wifiless during my holidays starting today. It could take from 2 weeks to a month; we're still not sure for how long we're staying.

The only affected guy is Zeno :3 Assume he's still around, sparkling and eating lots of food.
ryuwrighthistory: (sometimes I recall a memory)
[personal profile] ryuwrighthistory
Hello Emp, this is Taisa just letting it be known that I'll be going on hiatus between July 16th-30th. I will still be mostly around this weekend, but expect no tagging from me starting Monday. Going to be at a con next weekend so I want some time to prepare and some time to recover afterwards (4 day con, whew). I may still come back earlier than plan, pending on how the weekend goes and processing photos.

Pride will be going on auto-pilot and I haven't quite decided on crystalizing Ryuunosuke Naruhodou or not for some of the hiatus period....for now, assume he's on auto as well.