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-1 Shapeshifter

Well, this was something I was kind of hoping to avoid. After three years here in Empatheias, Ben is finally heading home for good which means I'll be totally leaving the game.

It's not that I lost the voice of the muse (Ben's as loud and obnoxious as ever in my ear) nor is it anything to do with the game itself. I love Empatheias and had a total blast with it. I'd love to keep having a blast with it.

Unfortunately, full-time work, going back to school part time, and two games don't juggle well. It's why Ben's been a lot quieter over the past several months. I knew I had to drop a game to give myself room to breathe, and unfortunately the other game I'm in is a little easier to keep track of if I can't be on during the workweek.

Stay excellent, everybody, and if anybody wants to throw a PSL in the direction of this nerd (obviously at a slower pace than a full game because otherwise I will open myself up to the same issue repeated), feel free to PM me!
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[personal profile] laurice2017-05-07 09:31 pm
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I guess Empatheias' air will smell sweeter now

I announced this on Plurk but I'll announce it here as well for those I don't have on Plurk.

I was supposed to place Larry on hiatus for the month, but I realized that I might be better off dropping back into the one-character club after flagging on the CR front and feeling burned out while juggling two (very emotional) characters. So with that, I'm dropping the stinky Butz, but I'm still around with Nora ([personal profile] kaboop ), so YOU AIN'T SEEN THE LAST OF ME
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-1 kitty


I really hate to do this but due to RL stuff going on plus my two jobs, I’m dealing with far too much stress at the moment and very little time. Dray’s going back home but I wanted to thank you all for the fantastic CR he had in the few time he’s been in the city.

This game is great and I’m really sad I have to let it go, you are wonderful. Take care!
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-1 Mermaid

Caprica here.

Sorry guys. I'd been trying and had intended to keep with Ariel here. It's just the state of my inbox having both her and Laphicet here now made me figure I should just stick to one character. So Ariel is going back home for now.

I'm still around with Laphi, so you aren't rid of me yet. If anyone had any questions or anything, just pm me or ask me on plurk and we can hash out anything I haven't tied up yet. Since I'll obviously need to defriend the comms with her account.
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[personal profile] notsolomon2017-04-08 07:58 am
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Unfortunately, after some thought, I've realized that it's time for me to bow out. I'm feeling burned out on games and need a break, so it's probably better that I drop out now instead of stressing. Thanks to everyone who tagged him. If anyone wants to discuss handwaving or finishing off current threads with have, just ping me here or through pms and we'll figure it out. I enjoyed the short time I had here and hope the game keeps chugging along.

I'm at [ profile] kanetsugu and thesecondbesttheory#8142 on discord if anyone wants to chat.
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-1 Princess of Love

I've been thinking a lot about it, and it's not that easy to get Cadence rolling, so I'll be dropping her.

This will mean that, hopefully, I'll be able to better focus on Ben Tennyson, so be prepared for that. :)
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[personal profile] la_sombra2017-02-17 03:19 pm
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-1 hacker

 I love this game, but unfortunately, I'm kind of losing my focus. RL calls and I have to focus on that before anything else. 

As they say before a match GLHF.
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-1 angel

This probably won't come as a surprise to anyone. For a while I've been struggling for ideas with Colette and January has been an unexpectedly bad month for me. As much as I love the game's premise and the people in it, it might be time to rip the bandaid and go for a while. I hope to come back in a month or two with a different character but for the moment, I'll give Colette a break and she'll go home to Sylvarant to complete her journey and do cute shit with Lloyd back home.

Thank you to everyone and apologies!
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I've been juggling and struggling with Barry and realized I'm not feeling his voice as much as I should. Better to let someone do him justice than devolve into character squatting.

I've really enjoyed all the threads he was a part of, so thanks you guys!
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I've been struggling with Adrien for a while so I think it's time to let him go. I apologize to those who commented on his last network post since I never found the voice to reply to any of you. I assure you I thought it'd get my RP groove back but in the end I didn't. I don't tend to do that so I feel embarrassed.

I'm still hanging around with my other character so it's not a goodbye. Still, I wanted to give a heads up to those who were waiting for replies from him in either alter ego. Thank you for the cute CR and the threads! ♥ You guys are great.
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(no subject)

I have had a wonderful time at Empatheias, and hope to be back someday, maybe with Thereth or maybe with someone new. For now, though, it is time to say goodbye. I would love to RP with you all sometime again! ♥ Please feel free to contact me at [ profile] marvelousmith if you would like, and see you soon!
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 I think we've all noticed that my activity has been really iffy in the last few months. It's not a reflection on anyone in the game. You are all amazing people and I adore you. My RL situation has taken a turn for the worst and I don't think I can handle anything else on top of it. Since I don't know when it will improve, I'm dropping both Lloyd Irving and Sonia Nevermind.

Hopefully you guys will get someone who is more active and less spastic.

I'm still reachable on plurk and discord for anyone who wants to talk. And maybe I'll return when things calm down. 

But until next time, stay cool!

~ Mako
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-1 Gorilla.

Hey everyone, this is Ax.

I'm posting to let you all know I'm dropping Winston. I apologize to everyone who tagged his most recent post and wanted to plot, but right now isn't a smart time for me to have two characters in as active and involved a game as Empatheias.

It's simply not fair to the other players and his growing cast. School is really ramping up for the end of the quarter "all the research papers" and as it's my first quarter of graduate school it's just not in the cards for me to keep Winston right now. If he hasn't been picked up later on, I'll probably bring him back.

I am still here with Rei Hino, however, so please feel free to pester her.
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-1 signer

Hey now, does anyone even recognize me? Ha, I doubt it, the way I've been going about these past few months, it's highly unlikely that anyone knew I was still around!

If that little joke at my expense didn't clear things up, I'll say it clearly. It's been pretty obvious for the past few months-longer than that, really-that I really haven't been giving Yuusei his fair share of attention recently. It's a bit of a combination of Yuusei's own nature to sit back in his own little world and not mess with things if he's given the opportunity, and my own inability to give him any attention or any motivation to push forward with plans that I had in store for him, so I've barely been posting with him and managing to keep filling out AC at the very last second. Heck, this month I didn't even think about him until today, so that really says something, doesn't it? Doing the minimum and just barely at the end at the month isn't fair to me, Yuusei, or the game, so I figure it's time to just rip the bandage off and just do it.

Nothing against the game itself, really, I love it, I love the way it's set up, and I've had tons of fun with it since being here from almost the beginning! I've met a lot of fun people here, and I've had plenty of fun CR across the years! But yeah, it's looking to be that this is the time to let Yuusei-and thus the game itself-go. It's highly unlikely I'll reapply with anyone else, however, I'm busy enough with the other game I'm currently in and my increasingly busy lifestyle! It sure does change RP time, having a fulltime job, haha. Still, I'm really proud of what Empatheias has become over the past two years, and I can't wait to see how it grows in the future! Keep having fun, everyone!

(( On an additional note, Yuusei's leaving behind about thirty one porrings that he kinda ended up picking up around the time he'd first come in (except for one that he got from Minako, whoops). They'll all be kinda hanging around confusedly in the residential district outside the house he'd ended up living in after Minako dropped, so if anyone's willing to find/adopt a few of them, that's something for your characters to do, even if they've never met Yuusei before! Maybe I can suggest a job or quest (oi, oi, shouldn't someone do something about those pile of slimeballs hanging out there, it's kinda getting weird! says a random local) to put on the job list for next month or something, if someone wants to do it that way... ))
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-1 General

 I'm going to be honest, between work, current tagload and a bit of burn out, I just don't have the energy to put into Hughes as he deserves. I hate to do this to castmates, but it's been difficult for me to concentrate on the easy tags for three characters right now and if I'm struggling now, it's only going to get worse.

So, Hughes is going home. He doesn't have many possessions, so Roy and Ed are welcome to fight over the meager collection of clothes and a few mementos he made by hand of his family.  (Who wants to do that?)

Maybe if things calm down, I'll reconsider bringing him back, but for now it's adios to everyone's favorite dad.
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-1 Robot

Hey guys, sad to say but while my voice for Rabbit is as strong as ever, my drive for her has been waning and I've decided to drop her for now. It's been a fun run with her but I think she needs a little bit of a break for now until I get her drive back.

This unfortunately removes me from the game, but I won't be gone for long! I've got plans to app in a new character for November, so I'll definitely be back in for that :3 So goodbye for now but not for long /o/
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-1 Green-Suited Ninja

I need to free up some time since I'm going back to school while juggling trying to find a job. If I find a job, I'll need the time to readjust to going back to work. Since Six is the one with the least CR and the hardest one to get rolling, I'm dropping him.

Hopefully things will work out and the ninja hobo will be back in a few months. His run wasn't that long here, but it was sure fun!

I'll still be around with Ben Tennyson and Princess Cadence though!
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[personal profile] gochuugoku2016-08-28 12:45 am
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Drop + Bathhouse/Spa Open

Rather than continue to character squat, I've made the tough decision to drop. Ever since May I've been suffering from very bad insomnia and it's affected all parts of my life more than I thought it would; before, I didn't think insomnia was a big deal, but I have been proven wrong. In fact, I was supposed to post this notice a week earlier, but last week was one of the weeks where I couldn't fall asleep until the sun was starting to come through my windows. Thankfully, I've started some aromatherapy and it shows some promise so far. I do hope to come back once I get it all straightened out and if no one else has apped China by then, I'll bring him back too. For now, though, I must bid you all adieu and thank everyone for a good time.

My main concern was the East Asian bathhouse/spa that I had planned, but thankfully a talk with one of the mods eased my worries. Despite my dropping China, the bath house will still be open. Either an NPC could take over or someone may volunteer their character. Once again, it was the insomnia that delayed its opening for so long--I meant for it to open in June, so my apologies for that.

The Jade Dragon Bathhouse and Spa can be found under the Player Run Jobs & Businesses Tab in the Task Board google doc for future reference, but for now here is the link to the info page: Jade Dragon Bathhouse and Spa

Should anyone volunteer their character to take over, I shall send them all the html for the page so they can place it in their own journal. Though I may not be in-game anymore, don't be afraid to contact me on [ profile] okami_no_tira if you have any questions regarding the bathhouse.

Also players, don't forget that if your character helped with the construction, they get their free month at the bathhouse/spa!
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- 1 Space Politican

 Hey everyone! Mako here. For those that don't have me on plurk or didn't see, I've recently gotten a job that will have me working 40+ hours a week after this week. And because I was already strained, I've gone ahead and dropped Padmé from the game. I'm still here with Sonia and Lloyd and I'm still hiatused with my little protag until the middle of the month so I can adjust. 

Please contact me on plurk or discord to wrap up any threads/plots/whatever with Padmé.

If things settle down enough, I'll consider bringing her back, but for now, this is goodbye for her. 
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[personal profile] luckyspots2016-07-23 07:57 pm
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Just a note here that I'm sending Marinette here home and thus leaving the game-- but just for a little while. Game plans got shifted around but hopefully I'll have someone here again very soon. I didn't have her here long, but I had a blast with her. Thanks to everyone who played with her and I hope to see you all again in the next month or so!