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2017 Thread Log

Jun. 25th, 2017 08:45 am
riderfist: (Gay! Gay for books!)
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Apped in June!


Introduction Post - Toplevel, cont. Apple White, Eikichi Mishina, Soundwave, Mikleo, Shinjiro Aragaki, Akira Kurusu, Penelo, Shun Aonuma, Percy Jackson, Auron, Cindy Aurum, Seven (707), Gladio, Weiss Schnee, Ana Amari, Fuuka Yamagishi & Richard, Futaba Sakura, Yu Narukami, Yuuki Mishima, Annabeth Chase, Ryuji Sakamoto, Sojiro Sakura
- Ryuji finds a spa - Ryuji Sakamoto, Futaba Sakura & Akira Kurusu, Yu Narukami
- WProtag-kun Curry Fight - Kyouko Kirigiri, Narukami Yu & Akira Kurusu
- Rob a bank - Phantom Thieves
- ZZZZ Oracle - Futaba Sakura
- Via crystals - Princess Minnie Mouse



Jun. 23rd, 2016 10:16 am
againstdespair: (drowning inside)
[personal profile] againstdespair
Slightly larger version of his Future Foundation pin (initial)
A crystal rose (worn through May, before it was stolen)
A vaguely egg-shaped crystal on a chain (received after crystals are brought back to the city)

overflow | [community profile] empatheias

Jun. 23rd, 2017 12:00 am
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Jun. 22nd, 2017 10:40 pm
kittyears: (pic#10845740)
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It was strange to see the White Fang again so soon. It was even stranger to be surrounded, outnumbered, ambushed by more than she could hope to fight off on her own. And after falling into darkness with a quick stab of a needle, the next thing Blake felt was hitting the cold floor of an isolated room.

Through a haze, all she could do was register that she had been drugged. Literally, that's all she could do, hands bound behind her back with a certain craft behind the knots, legs and chest bound tightly in a similar fashion. She couldn't see if anyone was near her, but she could hear footsteps, the sound of White Fang grunts shuffling off lest they disturb the presence of the person who walked so carefully around her.

She would call out to who it was, but what purpose would her words have if they were muffled with a gag? Inhaling sharply, feeling her body tense and her heart beat faster, Blake growled low, eyes heavy behind her blindfold as she feels a strange sensation still lingering through every bit of her, warming especially at that certain little spot between her legs.

[community profile] maskormenace application

Jun. 21st, 2017 02:39 pm
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NAME: corie
AGE: 29
JOURNAL: [personal profile] fourdirtypaws
IM / EMAIL: stopwatched(at)gmail(dot)com
PLURK: ghoulified

SERIES: Star Wars
CHRONOLOGY: Post death
CLASS: Hero. Bodhi wouldn't particularly see himself a hero, can't see himself as one. Therefore, a hero.
HOUSING: Random is okay

BACKGROUND: A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away...

Bodhi Rook hails from a moon on the outer rim -- a cold desert that goes by Jedha. Under the rise of the Empire, it's occupied. Stormtroopers roam the streets, the temple dedicated to the precious Kyber crystals is ransacked and pillaged. Bodhi is six years old, so he's only had a short period of life that wasn't governed by the Empire. **Raised by his mother, he (and his sister -- only referenced) lived poor. His sister left, leaving him to fend for himself and take care of their mother.**

And so he enrolled in the Imperial academy. Working for the Empire would give him the money for her, and for himself. It was fine for a time -- he was an okay student, a decent enough pilot, but performed poorly on the fighter pilot testing so he was sent down to working as a cargo pilot. Shuffling from planet to planet, hauling goods -- it was fine for a time. He got to see the galaxy, but he also got to see the cruelty of the Empire first hand, and he tried to shield himself from it, keep his head down. Took to gambling as a vice and distraction.

Things changed when he was assigned a route to Eadu, hauling the crystals that were native to his home planet for an unknown reason to a science base. It was there he met a man, in the mess one day, a scientist. THE scientist, Galen Erso. Galen was one of the few people that treated Bodhi like an actual person, they talked, he confided in Galen. Trusted him.

When he found out what was being built on that base, what he was helping build, Galen approached him again. With a job for him. Galen was plotting his revenge against the Empire for a long time, and now it was time to put that plan into action and Bodhi was the perfect assistance. He just had to deliver a message to a rebel cell stationed on Jedha. Saw Gerrera. A known rebel extremist who'd parted with the Rebellion over differences. He told a man he met in a cantina, needing to get the word out -- about the Death Star, about needing to find Saw so that he'd be able to find him.

Saw's partisans find him, alright. He's dragged through the desert with a bag over his head to Saw's hideout. The man simply. Won't. Believe. Him. That he is who he says he is, despite Bodhi begging and getting angry. He gets thrown into a room with a creature called a Bor Gullet, which is supposed to be able to tell if he's lying or not. It leaves him wrecked and ruined, and he gets thrown into a cell. That's how the rebel intelligence agent Cassian Andor finds him, and pulls him out of his stuppor. It's lucky that they do because the Death Star is fired onto the planet not long after and destroyed, so he's able to escape with Cassian, two Guardians of the Whills, and Galen Erso's daughter.

On his intel, he leads them to Eadu, under the impression that they're there to find Galen Erso to corroborate his story. Cassian has him lead him up to the rocky outcrop to show him Galen and once they've found him, he tells Bodhi to go back and find a ship for them to get off the planet. A lot happens, including the rebel alliance showing up and in the crossfire, Galen is killed. Bodhi helps them get off with a new ship and taking out some troopers that were gunning for Jyn and Cassian. Afterwards, the flight back is tense. Particularly when Jyn confronts Cassian about his orders. Bodhi avoids them, but when arriving on Yavin, he accompanies Jyn to a council meeting -- as they decide on what plan of action to take. Jyn and Bodhi are both met with distrust from most, most who think that going after the plans on Scarif is a bad idea. The idea is vetoed.

Jyn wants to fight. As does Bodhi. As do many other rebels. So stealing a ship, the same ship that they'd stolen from Eadu, and with that they're flying to Scarif. Bodhi gives them an improvised callsign in order to get off -- Rogue One. With his knowledge of bases and security, they're able to bluff their way onto the base, Cassian and Jyn and Kaytoo all go after the plans, Baze and Chirrut go alongside the rebel soldiers to take care of the defenses while Bodhi waits with the ship. His job becomes contacting the rebels that showed up and letting them know that they need to get the shield gate down after it closes them in on the planet. Once the master switch is pulled, it's his job to connect the ship to the tower so that he can transmit to them. He runs out into the fighting, unarmed, and is almost caught but the rebels cover him, so that he can get back to the ship and get in touch with the rebels.

Bodhi just gets in contact with them when a lone grenade is thrown onto the ship, detonating and killing him instantly.

**= headcanon


"bodhi rook had only ever doubted himself, and today was no exception."
- rogue one novelization

Bodhi Rook is about as average as they come. Not a mystical being with incredible abilities, or a fierce warrior. He's just... himself. He grew up in an Imperial occupied city, got into trouble with the law on a few occasions in his youth, and grew up to work for the Empire as a cargo pilot. There aren't many opportunities for someone like him, much less in a war zone like his home, and so he enrolled in the academy with hopes of becoming a fighter pilot. But after failing his tests, he's assigned another, less glorious job.

A little hot-headed, his self confidence begins to deteriorate over time, and he begins to second guess and doubt himself. His anxiety begins to become a problem, he takes up gambling, and becomes withdrawn.

But it's a job - he's good enough at it, not great. Pilots are common, and low on the chain of command - perhaps even lower than the Stormtroopers, so he doesn't stick out at all. He just needs to keep his head down and do it, which he does. Ignoring all that's going on around him. That he's delivering supplies of goods to the Empire that are native only to Jedha, his home. He does it until he discovers what it is that he's being an accessory to. The building of a giant super weapon that can destroy planets in it's wake. Those crystals he'd been entrusted to deliver are to be it's power source.

It's enough to push him into realizing that he needed to leave, that he didn't want to be a part of this. Somehow he caught the attention of the head scientist on Eadu, where the weapon is being built, a man by the name of Galen Erso. Despite his many misgivings, he agrees to take a message at the man's behest to a rebel revealing a flaw on the machine that will destroy it.

But Bodhi - he doubts himself, he doesn't see his actions as brave or worthy of praise. Maybe, if he was brave - he would have defected a long time ago. He believes that by defecting, and delivering the message and what is hopefully a killing blow to the Empire, that he can make up for what it is that he's done. Despite his minor position, he feels responsible for the evils that they've created - that by doing this he can undo some of it.

And Galen is counting on him to succeed. If the weapon can be destroyed, there's no telling how many lives will be spared.

"He said I could do right by myself. He said I could make it right if I was brave enough, and listened to what is in my heart."
- rogue one novelization

It is bravery, though. Just the kind that comes from fear and desperation. And he is desperate. Especially when upon his attempt to deliver Galen Erso's message goes sideways he finds himself captive of the very man he'd been trying to find. Despite Bodhi's desperate pleading, despite his anger at the rebels for their inability to see him in his Imperial uniform as anything but another piece in the Empire's war machine, and the way he tries to fight, he just wants them to see before it's too late - he's taken to something called the Bor Gullet, which is a creature that is able to see when someone is telling the truth or not.

The problem is the side effects and lasting problems that it leaves behind. It tears through Bodhi's memories, and leaves them out of place. Not lost, but simply misplaced, not the order that they should be. It leaves him sometimes unable to tell what is real and what isn't, unable to recall some things, and getting lost in his head from time to time.

Despite that, he manages well enough or at least becomes good enough at pretending that he's coping with it, that his mind is intact, and increasingly has moments where he seems more like his old self.

He tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve. Joy, pain, fear, anger, sadness.. Bodhi feels a lot. He blames himself for not being enough, for being too late when it comes to the destruction of his home by the Death Star. He takes failures to heart. 

The anxiety that has plagued him becomes a lot more visible - tends to ramble, he's twitchy, especially after Bor Gullet - and seems constantly afraid and jumpy - or at least, out of his element. It's worth nothing that he's not a soldier, or a fighter like most of the rebels, but he's also one of the first people to stand beside Jyn's plan to steal the plans because they have a chance here and he's determined to see this thing through, even though it means throwing himself into a fight. Galen died to give it to them, and he still wants to make amends. Even knowing that it's a suicide mission. It's safe to say he's loyal to the man, and the people that he's met along the way, as well.

And he's determined and intelligent, enough so that he's able to even defect and not get caught right off. Despite his doubt, Bodhi works well enough under pressure still, and it's through his knowledge of the workings of the Empire and a bit of quick thinking on his part that they're able to sneak onto Scarif, the base where the plans for the Death Star are kept undercover, and then able to transmit the message. It's not until that very moment, after he runs out into the open, under blaster fire, and is able to get into contact with the rebels beyond the shield gate to tell them what to do does he finally feel that he's done enough to make up for what he's done, only a few moments before a grenade is tossed into his ship, killing him instantly.

POWER:  NONCANON -- Bodhi has no canon abilities or superpowers.

1. TECHNOLOGY MANIPULATION -- With a touch, Bodhi can understand and manipulate technology -- even damaged, to work. However, he has to actually be touching it, and trying to hold it for too long will cause whatever he's trying to manipulate to short circuit or explode. 

2. HEALING TOUCH -- Bodhi can do this one of two ways: the first is easier, and can be used fairly often. Taking the injury for himself -- coincidentally, it's the only time his healing ability can be used on himself. The second takes more power to use and can maybe be used once or twice and it's healing away the full injury. Better for larger injuries but using it too much at a time will cause weakness, headaches, nosebleeds or just getting faint.

3. --




Jun. 20th, 2017 08:31 pm
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A young Ghost-type Trial Captain and Elite Four member from Alola, who calls him "Uncle" out of respect. Steven respects her talent as a fellow Trainer and optimistic attitude, but finds her to be somewhat naive.

acerola | pokémon sun and moon

href="URL" style="color:#787887;text-decoration:none;">link

A Grass-type Gym leader and Pokemon Connoisseur from Unova, whose impeccable manners and dedication to his trade left an impression on Steven. Cilan's  passions for film and trains are a bit... "perplexing", but he admires his dedication.

cilan | pokémon best wishes!

href="URL" style="color:#787887;text-decoration:none;">link
A fellow League Champion title-holder from Kanto, whose knowledge of the Arehtei led to Steven becoming Thras' representative. Steven sometimes wonders if he's shouldering a little too much pressure and responsibility on his own. 

red | pokémon origins

href="URL" style="color:#787887;text-decoration:none;">link

A Trainer and Professor's assistant from Unova who runs a berry farm. Though she's quite hardy and capable, her innocence has Steven wanting to keep an eye out for her. She has no patience for Champion bullshit.

bianca | pokémon black 2 and white 2

href="URL" style="color:#787887;text-decoration:none;">link

A Trainer from Alola with a mysterious partner Pokemon and troubled past. He seems quite standoffish and distrustful, but Steven doesn't take it personal. He has a feeling that he'll open up with time.

gladion | pokémon sun and moon

href="URL" style="color:#787887;text-decoration:none;">link

A hyperactive girl with a big heart and even bigger muscles. Her peppiness can be a bit exhausting for Steven, but she's entrusted him with her insecurities and stories of her past. He doesn't take that lightly, and hopes that he can be a confidante and adult figure for her to depend on.

nora valkyrie | rwby

href="URL" style="color:#787887;text-decoration:none;">link
A veritable ice queen with an upbringing that has some eerie similarities to Steven's own. He sees a bit of his past self in her, and hopes that he can exemplify that there is hope beyond a future that is obligated by family title.

weiss schnee | rwby

href="URL" style="color:#787887;text-decoration:none;">link
A refined, composed man that has more than a few perfectionist mom tendencies. Steven respects Ignis' informed opinion, and finds himself comfortable with talking to him about both serious and light topics alike. He values his company and friendship, and neither of them are aware of how pretty they are.

ignis scientia | final fantasy xv

href="URL" style="color:#787887;text-decoration:none;">link
A half-gem, half-human hybrid and smaller name twin. Steven (U) is definitely the perkier of the two of them, but it's his heritage and knowledge of sentient gemstones that really interests Steven (S). They're a bit of an odd pair, but it's funny how names bring people together.

steven universe | steven universe

href="URL" style="color:#787887;text-decoration:none;">link
A space princess and space senator, which accumulates into a very impressive space resume. Both of them have expressed curiosity and interest in each other's worlds, resulting in some very intellectually stimulating conversation. They also robbed a bank together. It was awesome. 

leia organa | star wars

href="URL" style="color:#787887;text-decoration:none;">link
A professional figure skater and fellow silver-haired dreamboat. Though they don't know each other too well, bonds forged by mutual love of dogs and dog-like creatures are not easily broken. 

viktor nikiforov | yuri!!! on ice

href="URL" style="color:#787887;text-decoration:none;">link
A military sniper and badass grandma. They've only spoken a few times, but Steven respects Ana's veteran marksmanship, composure, and wisdom. 

ana amari | overwatch

href="URL" style="color:#787887;text-decoration:none;">link
A crown prince and resident emo kid. Kind of a little shit. 

noctis lucius caelum | final fantasy xv

href="URL" style="color:#787887;text-decoration:none;">link
A royal guard and the beefiest of beefcakes. Needs more interaction. :( 

gladiolus amaicitia | final fantasy xv

href="URL" style="color:#787887;text-decoration:none;">link

thras | npc

href="URL" style="color:#787887;text-decoration:none;">link

empatheias overflow.

Jun. 19th, 2017 08:16 pm
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Quick Info

Jun. 18th, 2017 09:20 pm
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Player: Emma
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Canon Point: The moment she chose to betray DiZ and try to tell Roxas the truth
Alignment: Thras
Date of Entry: 05/11/2017

Age: 15
Appearance: Here
Amulet: Here
Canon: Kingdom Hearts (CoM - KH2.5)

Permissions: Permissions for actions done to this character.
Key: ☐ (neutral; contact first) | ☑ (yes) | ☒ (no).
» Backtagging: ☐
» Threadhopping: ☐
» Hugging: ☑
» Kissing: ☐
» Fighting: ☐
» Injuring: ☐
» Killing: ☐
» Fourth Wall: ☒
» Manipulation: ☐

CR Chart

Jun. 18th, 2017 09:05 pm
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Code by [ profile] laenavesse
Our Hearts Connected

Princess Minnie
One of the first people to help her. Naminé became slightly overwhelmed by her kindness, but the two became friends quickly. She knows she can rely on the princess if she needs help.

Ino Yamanaka
A stern but kind woman that picked out a cute outfit for her. Naminé might a little intimidated, but she appreciates Ino's honesty. There's a lot more she'd like to learn about her.

Probably the most important person from her life before coming to the island. Naminé is working hard to fix the pain she caused him. However, this second chance with him could be the chance for a true friendship. The two care for each other a lot after all.

He was the last person she saw before coming to the island and one of the first people she ran into! She was relieved to see him okay. With his experience, she was able to learn a lot about the island quickly. This could be their chance to become true friends.

Usagi Tsukino
There was an instant click between the two girls. Something about Usagi just made Naminé instantly comfortable. Usagi was able to help her out, and the two feel awfully close already.

Steven Universe
A charming boy that Naminé became fast friends with. She thinks he might be a little too trusting of her,
but she doesn't want to ruin their friendship. Maybe she'll open up more later...

The two once had a rough relationship; he was technically one of her captors after all. But they both have changed, especially in this new world. Axel has been helping Naminé her new emotions,
and she's more than grateful for having him here.

Alice Liddell
An adorable girl who is very good at riddles! She stumped Naminé multiple times while easily solving her riddle. Naminé was very impressed.

Makoto Naegi
(Their intro post is still happening! Stay tuned!)

Jesse McCree
(Their intro post is still happening! Stay tuned!)

CR Key

= Acquaintance | = Friend | = Good Friend | = Best Friend

= Crush | = Partner | = Married

= Estranged | = Enemy

IC Inbox - Empatheias

Jun. 17th, 2027 12:49 pm
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(You can contact Kyouka here through audio, image, or action. If she's not available right now, she'll get back to you as soon as she can!)

How's My Driving

Jun. 17th, 2027 12:42 pm
snowheretogo: <user name=moes> (10 - LlgEjmi)
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Name: Yamadori
Dreamwidth: [personal profile] yamadori
Plurk: [ profile] Yamadori
Discord: Yamadori#7457
Timezone: PST (UTC -8)

This is a how's my driving page for Kyouka Izumi of the series Bungou Stray Dogs. You can use this page to contact me at any time, whether it's for constructive criticism or plotting. Leave a comment and I will try my best to get right back to you. This is my first time playing her, so any advice would be appreciated.

Anonymous commenting is off. IP logging is off. Comments are screened.


Jun. 16th, 2017 02:25 pm
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✉ | ✆
text • audio • video • action

Shinki Info

Jun. 16th, 2017 02:18 pm
meowbel: (Galaxy)
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CHARACTER: Mabel Pines
CANON: Gravity Falls
VESSEL NAME & LOCATION: Momoki (桃) and on her neck toward the left side
VESSEL FORM: A purple sweater
POWER: The ability to shoot kitten shaped bullets out of her shelves
GOD: Makoto Nijima
EXP POINTS: [can also be found on the shinki page]
CAUSE OF DEATH: Choked on some candy during her bus trip home


Jun. 16th, 2017 02:14 pm
meowbel: (Common Song)
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[Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.]

Backtagging: Of course! I live off of backtags so that's always a yes!
Threadhopping: I don't mind but when in doubt, you can ask!
Fourthwalling: That depends? I don't really want Mabel to know that she's fictional but as for knowing the actual place of Gravity Falls and hearing about all the weird stuff? That's fine by me!
Offensive subjects (elaborate): There really isn't a lot that offends me but ,when in doubt, you can ask!

[Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.]

Hugging this character: Of course, this is Mabel you're talking about.
Kissing this character: On the cheeks, I don't mind!
Flirting with this character: You can given how Mabel is. However, please make sure that it's nothing serious.
Fighting with this character: You can but Mabel will fight back!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): That's fine too but please ask me first about how bad it'll be!
Killing this character: I don't mind but please let me know!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go ahead, Mabel's an open book!