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May. 23rd, 2017 11:27 pm
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[ ooc ] appearance

May. 23rd, 2017 10:30 pm
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basic stats
Age: 19
D.O.B.: 5 December 2009 a.t.b.
Blood Type: A
Hair: Black, straight (though it would be wavy if it were much longer)
Eyes: Violet*
Height: ~5'11"
Body Type: Slender bordering on underweight.

* Canon isn't completely consistent on this, but Lelouch's (magical) eyes are probably not visibly red to most people. But he also has a pair of special color contacts, so they look violet to everyone unless he removes them.

To hear absolutely anybody in his canon tell it, Lelouch is beautiful. Beautiful to the point of unfairness, as Shirley laments after he gets all dolled up in a lovely Victorian*-style dress for Milly's Gender Role Reversal Festival. (Lelouch would rather you didn't ask.)

* Strictly-speaking, the world of Code Geass didn't have a Victorian period, because the Tudor dynasty went straight through to the 1800s with Queen Elizabeth III being the last monarch before Ricardo von Britannia ascended the throne. But, you know. That's the general style.

Throughout the series, Lelouch wears a variety of well-fitting clothing that he probably tailored himself. He seems to favor asymmetric detailing and statement colors set off by neutrals. His favorite color is purple, specifically in royal hues, but he knows what compliments his own coloring, and he obviously has no problems with the color pink specifically.

In incidental art, though, Lelouch wears a lot of the same pseudo-Victorian clothes that we see favored by a lot of Code Geass nobility (and the occasional kimono). Given what's available in Verens, and the fact that the only clothing he arrived with was irrevocably ruined, Lelouch will probably be dressing much more like that: button-downs with frothy lace detailing and tailored coats and slacks.

visual reference )

cr chart.

May. 20th, 2017 05:07 pm


May. 20th, 2017 10:38 am
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Need it shipped? Go Solo! Captain Han Solo and his intrepid crew will get your cargo where it needs to go, faster than the competition, guaranteed! Big or small, they ship it all! Come by Dock 27 at the Airship Facilities and Go Solo today!

Some restrictions apply. Captain Solo reserves the right to refuse any job no questions asked or else. Minor explosions are to be expected and will not affect your cargo in any significant way. No refunds.

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May. 19th, 2017 05:53 pm

jyn / cassian playlist

May. 18th, 2017 09:43 pm
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WELCOME HOME. — "I’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad,” she said, by way of explanation.
She didn’t know if Cassian really understood, but he said, “Welcome home,” and she knew she was.”

stand by me (florence + the machine) maps (yeah yeah yeahs) dead air ( CHVRCHES ) I'll believe in anything (rival boys) the beach (the neighbourhood) everything I am is yours (villagers) I will follow you into the dark (death cab for cutie) torches (x ambassadors) heroes (Peter Gabriel) heavenfaced (the national) together (the xx) I'm coming home (pt ii) (skylar gray) there is a light that never goes out (the smiths)

Emp Canon Update WIP

May. 18th, 2017 12:10 am
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Player: Stark
Character: Shin-Ah
Current Canon Point: 109
Updated Canon Point: 13--

Updated Background:

Updated Personality: Since his encounter with the ghost of one of his Seiryuu ancestors during the Lush Forest arc in chapter 108, Shin-Ah has grown somewhat more comfortable in travelling with just a bandage over his eyes rather than his mask. Following this, while he still isn't the most vocal among the Happy Hungry Bunch he has started verbalizing his thoughts and needs very coherently and even eloquently. Of particular note here is the topic of Soo-Won, where Shin-Ah explains to Kija that he has a difficult time raising a sword against the man because his eyes are similar to Yona's. The words and phrases Shin-Ah chooses are still simplistic, but they're pointed enough to get his meaning across.

Additionally, he's started making small talk with Hak over mundane topics, like the weather, and he has taken to tagging along with Zeno's particular brand of zaniness with even a few hidden laughs of his own.

Beyond this, however, Shin-Ah is understanding the fragility of their existance as the Dragon Warriors of Kouka. During the affairs leading to their imprisonment in Xing, Shin-Ah was among the first to jump to Zeno's protection multiple times-- both when Zeno was caught in the inferno that was intended to cover an assassination attempt on Xing's younger princess, Tao, and when the Dragon Warriors were helpless to defend themselves against the Five Star Warriors of Xing for fear of catalyzing a war with Kouka. Despite his earlier misgivings, Shin-Ah was ready and willing to use the powers of his Dragon Eyes-- a power he has up until this point done everything he could to avoid using it-- for the sake of the people he had come to call his family.

During his imprisonment he openly declared that he would fight, and he would use his Eyes, if the rest of their travelling party are threatened again. However, he has yet to fully understand the dangers that using his particular powers would put him in regarding the political situation in Xing. When Shin-Ah asked why Zeno had stopped him before their capture, Zeno explained that it was because Xing as yet knew nothing of Seiryuu's powers-- and that it would be wise to keep it this way.

Updated Abilities: No real update-- although Shin-Ah is slowly gaining more of an understanding of what the nature of the Dragons are in Kouka. This is partly in thanks to both his encounter with his ancestor and his experiences with people on various sides of the ongoing conflict.

Other: N/A.

Questions: It's worth asking, but at this particular canonpoint Shin-Ah does not have his trademark mask and headdress with him. Would it be possible for him to have them in game, or is that something he would need to regain?

Recollé CR

May. 17th, 2017 06:12 pm


May. 17th, 2017 09:57 pm
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a traveling troupe of mischievous misfits
In a world ruled by emotions, it's important to harness the ones from the more positive end of the spectrum. Fun, laughter, glee... Magilou's Menagerie manufactures mirth like no other performing troupe! A wide range of entertaining shows include magic, theatrics, stunts and stand-up comedy!

Magic tricks?!
No, not tricks, you ignorant shoelace! Tricks are for street performers, not for the great and powerful sorceress Mazhigigika Miludin do Din Nolurun Dou, better known as Miss Magilou! Watch her pull miracles out of her hat faster than you can say WITCH PLEASE!

You know what they say...
Throw out your medicine, kids, because magic and laughter is the only cure!

☆ Magilou ☆ Bienfu ☆ Eizen ☆ Laphicet ☆ Velvet Crowe ☆ Rokurou Rangetsu ☆ Eleanor Hume ☆

"Miss Magilou's show has changed my life, I am now a better person because of it. I am a respectable doctor." - Dr. B. Fuschie Cass

"REASONABLY amazing!" - A. Collbrande

"Fun for the family or a romantic date - or both!" - Teresa
Examples of our services...
Magic Show: Witness Miss Magilou and her dazzling assistants Vel & Elle defy everything you thought you knew about the world. You got science and tech? We got DOVES! "Coo-Coo!"
Death by Laughter: Whether or not you can see or hear the featured reaper's comedy act, rest assured that something will go hilariously wrong! What will happen? Who knows! The ultimate thrill!!
Midnight Monologues: Each week, a guest draws a topic card and must talk about the subject at great length. There are no boundaries here, just juicy deets. Don't miss it!
Fortune Telling: Whoa, Miss Magilou can predict your future?! For a low price, you could possibly learn tomorrow's winning lottery numbers or even prevent your own death. Quit dawdling, take control of your destiny! (no refunds)
...and much more!

What are you waiting for? Contact Miss Magilou and organize a show today!
Not all shows are free! Pay extra for premium comedy acts! Guaranteed laughs. If you don't like to laugh then you could be a sociopath.
Need a quick buck? Magilou's Menagerie is always looking for fresh guest appearances. You got the talent? You got the gig! (participate at own risk)

♞ tracker

May. 17th, 2017 07:32 pm
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08 - character intro top-level ; alice ◦ solas ◦ robin ◦ hizumi ◦ weiss ◦ kazuki ◦ hange ◦ jaune ◦ komaeda ◦ pyrrha ◦ yuri ◦ alice
12 - snow white
15 - weisssolas
17 - abi
20 - hizumi
22 - ciel

♞ inbox

May. 17th, 2017 06:57 pm
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Rebellions Are Built On Hope

May. 14th, 2017 10:07 pm
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"I'm not used to people sticking around when things go bad."

PLURK: [ profile] darav
A child of war and a self-proclaimed orphan -- Jyn Erso was essentially abandoned twice in her life time by people she cared about.
The first abandonment took place when she was 8 years old. Her mother was murdered in front of her. Her father seemingly abandoned her after. The second abandonment happened when her surrogate father figure intentionally left her behind in a bunker for her protection, after men in his army started to figure out imperial ties that she shared with her father. Both events, Jyn could not claim to know the motives of either men.
By the age of 16, Jyn was forced to fend for herself in a harsh galaxy. It wasn't so difficult when she was already regarded as one of Saw Gerrera's best soldiers, so she had the skills necessary to thrive. But, the abandonment by people she loved hurt, and the emotional damage that formed from those events in her life both hardened and molded Jyn. These events have left their mark on Jyn and her distrust is more of a defense mechanism. Jyn is a very cynical and distrustful individual to start with. She is distrustful of others, because people have never stuck around for long for her, not when it mattered. She wants to connect and to let people in, but she also wants to protect herself, which feeds into her lone wolf nature.
Jyn is also very, well, angry and bitter. Something of a lapsed believer in the Rebellion ("It's not a problem if you don't look up"). Jyn decided she wanted nothing to do with the Rebellion, since the Rebellion never did her any favors except bring her pain. Instead she chose to fight only for herself. She was more of a petty criminal and a scoundrel on the years on her own than a rebel or a hero. Not exactly someone her father would have been proud of. Even when she's enlisted into the Rebellion at the start of the film, Jyn only joins when offered the promise of being set free from her crimes: personal gain, not out of believing in a cause bigger than herself. As Cassian pointed out, she was free to pick and choose what she did and believed in.
Despite Jyn’s lack of allegiance and her lone wolf nature, however, she is all about doing what's right. She is not afraid to speak her mind about things that don't sit well with her, such as Cassian's orders to kill her father. She has never hurt an innocent civilian during her time as a petty criminal, only people she thought deserved it. Jyn is just the directionless sort, who doesn't know how to channel her good nature.
Jyn also has a habit of putting people she loves on pedestals -- first seen with her father, then with Saw. Once that pedestal is broken she hurts bitterly and deeply, nurses grudges that could last years. However, underneath that bitterness is a person who cares a lot. She curses her fathers’ name regularly but she still cares about him and loves him for instance, which is seen with how her stance on the Rebellion cause takes a huge swift turn after watching his hologram confession. It's the turning point for her lapsed belief in the Rebellion, what calls her to bury her personal pain and to stop being unconcerned with the effect the Empire had on the galaxy. The destruction of Jedha, the death of Saw Gerrera and a little girl she tried to save, all spur her into action as well after she witnesses first hand how real the threat of the Death Star is.
Once she looks up, she can’t seem to walk away.
Once Jyn commits, she commits all the way.
Sure, she is socially awkward about it, especially about giving speeches which she rambles in and borrows, but she feels intensely about her causes even if she can't seem to put how she feels into words. She doesn’t seem to realize, however, that her actions and those words have an effect on people, which is seen in the way a group of stranger’s rally around her in what is essentially a suicide mission. Jyn is also incredibly determined and stubborn once she sets her mind to task and has a goal. This is seen in how she remains true about saving her father, then in how she goes against the Rebellion to steal the Death Star plans because he wants her to. Her stubbornness is also seen in how she makes damn sure the plans are transmitted, even after she thinks Cassian died and it’s just her.
The Rogue One team is incredibly important to Jyn. Not just for acquiring the Death Star plans, but also in how she develops as a person. Jyn learns that there are people out there who will stick with you until the bitter end. With the Rogue One team, we also see that Jyn can function as a team player, not just a lone wolf in it for herself, and that she can be an incredible leader when given the opportunity.

CANONPOINT:before the Death Star hits Scarif
ALIASES:Kestrel Dawn, Liana Hallik, Lyra Rallik, Nari McVee, Tanith Ponta
AGE: 21
BUILD:short but will bite you
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Green

Empatheias ♛ IC Inbox

May. 14th, 2017 06:16 pm
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This is a inbox for Sonia! Feel free to contact here via

letters • telepathy • messenger bird • action


May. 14th, 2017 12:41 pm
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IC Contact for Green Oak. Aligned with Aiada.

May. 14th, 2017 02:28 am
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man on fire
subtitle goes here

and your labors will be borne when all is done / and nobody, nobody knows / let the yoke fall from our shoulders / don't carry it all, don't carry it all

it's our time to make a move / it's our time to make amends / it's our time to break the rules / let's begin

cause i know my weakness, know my voice / and i believe in grace and choice / and i know that perhaps my heart is farce / but i'll be born without a mask

but every path i had taken / and conclusion i drew / would put truth back under the knife

come attrition / come hell / this is why / why we fight / why we lie awake

heading out into the unknown / wayfaring strangers and all kinds of danger / please don't say i'm going alone

over murder and pain / come and set you free / over heartache and shame

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the days and nights are killing me / the light and dark is still in me / but there's an anger on the beach