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Apr. 22nd, 2017

renkinjutsu: (FA17 - get the chalk outta ur mouth)
[personal profile] renkinjutsu
Hey everyone, Ryn here!

This is going to be the “official” interest check/signup for the Sosyne rebuild log that I plan on putting up in the next couple of days with enough interest. It’s not going to be anything huge, but getting a head count and a general gist of what people would be interested in threading out/playing with will help me make sure the log and mini-prompts are structured in a way that works! I would like to have the post up on April 25th at latest, so if you want to check in with your interest please do so soon!

Overall the efforts to rebuild are going to be a long running thing, mostly in the background outside of this log, so this log will be the “beginning” of the rebuild since some of it has already started. Monster appearances will be at a minimum, considering the state of Feiran Port leans more towards a suffocating “meh” feeling than anything else. A balanced, determined and stubborn approach is what’s going to work best here.

I have 4 major “groups” that otherworlders can fall into:
  • Physical Work & Architecture. This is going to be the big one. People who are strong, capable and built for physical labor are a great asset. Those with abilities that strengthen their abilities to lift and move heavy things around are also welcome! In a less physical capacity those with architectural knowledge are needed, or people with abilities geared towards being able to build without needing to be big, burly, and buff.
  • Agricultural & Landscaping Work. There’s going to be several areas that will need to be designated as farming plots for one, so people who have a green thumb are definitely welcome. In addition to this, more landscape-y sort of work will be needed to in order to make the city look nice. This can include more decorative work or more physical work such as leveling land and making it suitable to build on.
  • Health & Domestic Work. This is a more supportive sort of role characters can choose to take if they’re not physically able to help with a rebuild. The people working and spending their time here are going to need people good with healing/medical skills, as well as people who are able to cook and caretake in more minor capacities.
  • Security Work. This may be needed the least. There are actually very few actual monsters and creatures around outside of “shellbits” which are not necessarily alive, but they skitter about and generally make a nuisance of themselves. However, should there be a burst of unbridled calm, or other positive emotion like we get with rituals, it’s possible that it could attract something more dangerous though this will be incredibly rare and not really what the log is geared towards. However it’s a possibility if wanted.


*You do not HAVE to sign up to participate in the rebuild log, but signing up lets me know if there’s a big enough call for a log at all!*

In addition to the rebuild signups, I wanted to mention the Museum task that Reena and Red mentioned in the recent post. This is largely an excuse for Arehtei Reps to approach their Arehtei for information about interesting locations to go to, and for others to organize trips into different lands and get paid for it! With monetary motivation there might be more excuse for characters to request smaller adventures that could turn up some interesting things.

There’s a signup subthread below for all your textarea info dumping needs in regards to the rebuild. Likewise, If you have any questions about either subject, hit me (and reena) in the questions subthread!

-1 Mermaid

Apr. 22nd, 2017 10:31 pm
tradedvoice: (Longing)
[personal profile] tradedvoice
Caprica here.

Sorry guys. I'd been trying and had intended to keep with Ariel here. It's just the state of my inbox having both her and Laphicet here now made me figure I should just stick to one character. So Ariel is going back home for now.

I'm still around with Laphi, so you aren't rid of me yet. If anyone had any questions or anything, just pm me or ask me on plurk and we can hash out anything I haven't tied up yet. Since I'll obviously need to defriend the comms with her account.