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Jan. 14th, 2017

foretokens: (stretchin')
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IT'S BRAND NEW YEAR, EMPATHEIAS! And what better way to start it off than with a CR Meme?! We pretty much all know how these work, but in case you don't simply fill out the form in the textarea below for your characters, slap your characters name(s) in the subject line, and comment around! Gifs are optional, but as a matter of courtesy make sure any gifs you post aren't too much taller than 500px. If you have more than one character either use one comment for all of your characters OR use one top level and sub-levels for each character you have!

Your Name:
Preferred Contact:

Character Name:
Arehtei Alignment:
Brief Personality: (this doesn't have to be long, list some of the more interesting character personality traits that set them apart from the crowd!)
Interests: (What are they most likely to be found doing? Hobbies are a good start.)
World Type: (What's their world like? Again, you don't have to write a novel here! Is it a modern world, futuristic, something more fantasy or perhaps even vaguely steampunk or even post apocalyptic? Are there other unique parts about the world? Does everyone have glowing skin or innate magical abilities?)

Slice of Life or ADVENTURE: (Empatheias is a good mix of both, and it's not always an either or thing. What kinds of thing are you interested in doing with this character? Are they the type to be happy developing a life in Empatheias or has the wanderlust set in? Are they more likely to be involved in the overarching plot and exploration? Do they want to go exploring?)
Current Developments: (What's your character going through right now? What's gone on in recent past? What are they doing in their day to day life? Are they looking for a job or are they currently in the middle of planning an expedition?)
Future Developments: (Where are you wanting to take your character going forward? This could be serious character development, or general slice of life developments! Are they going to pack up and become a nomadic wanderer and explore the world or maybe you want to get them more involved in something else.)
What about Emotions?: (What kind of emotions are you wanting your character to work through, for good or for bad. Or maybe your character is interested in focusing their emotional power into Dunamis?)
Shipping/Romance: (let's face it, ship happens. in a general sense are your characters interested in romance? something permanent, or a fling or two maybe? Even unrequited love is something that can be fun to play out!)
Something Handwaved: (Not everything needs to or can be threaded out. Maybe you're interested in setting up some CR that's going on behind the bigger scenes and sets that we thread out! Listing what you're interested in or looking for here might prompt some interesting CR that you can then build off of more actively!)
Not Interested In / Avoiding: (If there's anything you're looking to avoid, list it here! Negative CR, violence, anything too slice of life, etc. the more information you give, the better!)

Anything Else: (gifs are fine too.)

Copy Paste and Get Going!: