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Jan. 9th, 2017

futureprofessor: (214)
[personal profile] futureprofessor
Hello, Empatheias! I hope everyone has started the year wonderfully, and a big welcome to all the newbies!

I'm writing this little post to talk about task ST0109: a group of animals (bears, sylvan geese and reebos, which are moss creatures) are on the loose and the Wildlife Society wants help finding them a home. I've noticed quite a few people are interested in this job, so I wanted to know if anyone wanted to make any plans for specific situations, and if you would like the idea of putting up a general open log for it!

This would be for both a) the ones accepting the task and working for the WLS this month, and b) anyone who may be coming across these creatures and need help (the reebos are hiding in the corners of your house, for example). Also, Bianca will be paying a couple of extra sylvs for the reebos to be taken to her place (this has already been spoken about with the mods and the WLS will still give you the usual pay for it! you'd just be relocating the little ones to a house instead of the wild, no difference).

Tldr: who wants to punch a bear, let's chat.

By the way, nobody is too new for this, please don't hesitate to jump in ! The task board is there all month and this relocating task is open.