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Mid-Month Announcement: May


Mostly just updates about current going on's, but there are some important updates regarding apps and AC, as well as welcoming new members to our teams!


Here are the dates you should know for the rest of the month. The main calendar spreadsheet can be found here.

  • 5/18: Test Drive.
  • 5/25: Activity Check starts; Reservations open.
  • 5/31: Activity Check ends.
  • 6/01: Applications open. IMPORTANT: No July cycle, June cycle open until 6/07.

While the weather would normally be warm and sunny, the exaggerated emotion effects from the stolen and replaced crystals is actually affecting the weather in unpredictable ways. It may be calm in one place and right next door it's a storm. Just watch out and be wary!

There also seems to be an occasional chill in the air that is not caused by the crystals.


As everyone is aware, we've needed a few new helping hand as we go through a bit of a mod and NPC shuffle. We'd like to thank those who applied and will now officially announce the new members of the team!

Joining us on the mod front is Monica! You may know her as the player behind Weiss Schnee and we are happy to have her on board. Hopefully we don't scare her off 8Da; But everyone welcome her and be gentle.

For NPCs, we have Callie as our new Daimonia! If you know her Kevin Regnard, then you know great things will come.

As we welcome the new members, we'd also like to wish Bella a fond farewell. She's helped a lot and been in the game for quite a while. She's not leaving immediately to help with the transition, but seems only fitting to include her here.

Now, although we have new members, we are still looking for at least one more mod to help cover the gap after Laena (me) leaves in the fall. Although I'd be happy to still advise even after I'm gone, it would be a great relief to the current team to have one more proactive member to ensure things run smoothly and no one winds up stuck having to do more than assigned. So the mod application will remain open and we will keep advertising each announcement until the slot is filled.


Important reminder that June will be our "last" cycle until August, meaning July will be closed. To compensate, the June cycle will be open from the 1st through the 7th. August will be normal.

This also means that the July Test Drive will be skipped. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it wouldn't make much sense to have one without the cycle. Thus the one after June's will be the August Test Drive which will go up in mid-July.

Finally as an official heads up, the skip will be something that can be ICly acknowledged and we'll have fun things for those who come in August. We'll give reminders at the appropriate time.


There has been some confusion in recent AC Checks regarding the use of test drive threads, and it might have stemmed from the initial proposal a few months back. Currently they are NOT allowed for AC.

That said, we will officially allow them starting in the August cycle, with stipulations. Although we want to encourage our players to help potential applicants with their test drive threads, we also don't want them to forget about actual game threads. Thus Test Drive threads will only be used as proofs if:

  1. Over half is from in-game threads/posts
  2. Used as emergency
  3. Cannot be used two months in a row

This should keep things fair while still allowing players to help tag the test drive and not feel overly punished.

Finally as a side note in case it wasn't clear, test drive threads can be incorporated into the game but ONLY after the character is accepted and if the scenario fits. This way you can have awesome threads and still manage to have it as part of development if it works.


As always, it's kind of early to tell where the Emotion Tracker is going.

As a reminder, this is just a "mid-month" check to give everyone an idea of where the Emotion Tracker stands. If you haven't had a chance to submit your threads, don't worry! You can still fill out the main survey here. IMPORTANT: For the current Crystal Theft event, those with stolen crystals must use this form. Do not use the general form.

Here is the screenshot for this month so far:

Mid-month is always negative, but who are the culprits this time...I'm just going to say everyone. Yeesh, what did the world do to make some very unhappy? It'll be interesting to see how the rest of the month will play out—especially since the emotions from the amulet thefts are not counted in these totals.


Just a quick recap about the current events. In case you missed the details, various crystal amulets have been stolen both locally and Otherworldly. However, these amulets have been replaced with identical ones so no one is the wiser—for now.

Refer to the linked details post for information on how those who opt in are affected and create your own posts or tag others. Effects last until the 21st with an official IC post scheduled to be made close to that time. At that point, details regarding the ensuing adventure will be relayed.

As for the important update, IMPORTANT!!! As alluded to in the Emotion Tracker section, the emotions exhibited from those who have had their crystals taken are not counted in the general tracker. This is part of the plot, so it is very important that you do not submitthose emotions for the general tracker. Again, this is only for those who have had their amulets stolen and replaced. Those who are unaffected and dealing with the victims can log their emotions on the general, but those affected must use the separate tracker.

The form for the separate tracker can be found here. We apologize for the confusion and the original detail post has been updated to reflect this change.


Red and Usagi have some troubling news regarding the Arehtei of love and hatred. Apparently he's holed up in his mountain and refuses to come out. But there's more to this than meets the eye.

If you're catching a whiff of a major plot event on the horizon, then you get a gold star. But before we try organizing anything official, we're waiting to see how things play out ICly. Obviously the current crystal plot is taking priority and there is still plenty of time (over a month) before we have to take the reins to keep things moving. Still, we like giving our players a chance to shake things up, so if you have any ideas or questions about whether something can be done or not, feel free to go ahead and throw them our way.


And that's about it! If you have any questions, concerns, or want things clarified, just comment to this post.