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Amulet Thefts and Crystal Recoveries


Hello, everyone! With the first half of the month over, the events mentioned in the mod announcement are beginning to come to a head. While we will not have an event post for all of the parts of this plot, there will be one later in the month for an exploration segment, and we encourage you to use the details below to make your own posts!

Starting tomorrow, the theft of otherworlder amulets will begin. The means used are deft hands and extremely sticky fingers. If your character is too smart to get pickpocketed by normal means, more tricky methods can be used, but that will be up to you. They are trying to do this with a great deal of subtlety, so they will not steal amulets in an obvious manner.

Most importantly, however, is that the thefts are done simultaneously with an identical replacement of the stolen amulet. At this point, the victims of these thefts will be none the wiser. Unfortunately, these new amulets will slowly begin to pull emotions from the wearer at a much accelerated and intense rate. This is going to cause a few side effects that will build up over days of wearing the fake amulets.

  • Emotion Drainage. Instead of creating emotion drops these amulets will be draining emotions. Where are they going? We don’t quite know yet...But this is a forceful drain, and can be quite exhausting. It doesn’t discriminate between good or bad either however that leads us to the next interesting aspect of these fakes...

  • Twisted Emotions. Good and Negative emotions are both needed for balance, however as a side effect of this forceful push for and draining of emotions from otherworlders, their emotions will become twisted exaggerated forms of themselves. Particularly, positive emotions seem to be effected the most.

    For Example: Love will become Lust, Appreciation will become Overbearing, Joy will be turned into hurtful pranking or selfishness at the cost of others, courage will become recklessness, hope will become unrealistic falling into unfulfillable ideals, calm will become slothful and lazy, while trust will become a dangerous level of gullibleness.

  • Apathy. At the latest stages, when all the emotions have been drained from a victim the amulet will go dim, and the victim will find themselves succumbing to lethargy and apathy. This isn’t sadness, mind, but instead a complete lack of desire or motivation to do anything.

Finally, we'd like to note that the Emotion Tracker submissions for this event is going to be slightly different.

  • Only those affected by the replaced amulets need to fill out this separate survey.
  • Unaffected individuals can still use the general Emotion Tracker for submissions related to the event.
  • The separate tracker MUST be used by the affected because these emotions will not count toward the general tracker. This is for plot purposes.

Of course if you accidentally submit to the wrong place it won't be the end of the world, but another note is that the event tracker will readily allow extreme numbers due to the forced exaggeration of emotions.. So a long strong of 10s, assuming it still fits with what would happen in game, will be acceptable on the event tracker ONLY.


It’s going to become clear just how many people have been affected by this draining of emotions, and a call to replace the crystals in the amulets will be raised around the 22nd. Why replace instead of find? Well, there’s no real trace of the thieves OR the stolen amulets by the time things have been figured out. Where could they have gone? For now, the question will remain unanswered, and an adventure will begin to find a new source of crystals for the amulets, since by now the usual source has been completely depleted due to thefts earlier in the month. Because the low number of available and working airships, those looking for a new source will be unable to be very picky. Which means once a suitable island with enough crystal caverns is found, fighting for it won’t be such an unheard of option. Which is probably good, because any wild island found is bound to have a few treacherous obstacles to get through.

As mentioned before, we will put up a log for the adventure on the 22nd, with prompts included for the third phase of the plot! Signing up for an amulet theft using the form below can also be used to plot with others for this phase of the plot.


REMINDER! Important Amulet Theft Notes:
  • Remember, amulet theft is optional. Your characters amulet will only be stolen if you decide to opt in to this part of the plot.
  • Failed amulet thefts are possible, though considering the raised crime rate, it might not really seen as extraordinary, considering the current crime climate.
  • Those who have their amulets stolen will not get their original amulets back, period. This means that once they’re given the opportunity to, they will have to start filling a new crystal from the beginning, no matter the state of their previous amulet. This will happen by the end of the event, should all things go according to plan.
  • The emotion draining will not cause the death of any characters who have their amulets stolen. They will suffer the emotional effects mentioned above, with the option of apathy but no death.
  • Affected individuals must use the separate survey for Emotion Tracker submissions.

May 15th through May 21st - Amulet thefts begin on the fifteenth and continue through the 21st. The effects take roughly two days to get to the more obvious stages.
May 22nd through May 27th - The adventure to find a new source of crystals begins on the 22nd, with the arrival on the island happening on the 24th. Crystals will be obtained by the 27th, ready for shipment back to Verens where they will be given to the affected first.

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