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just to ride along...

Hey guys!

Overcastwatch cast have built a plot for you guys we'd like to go ahead and get rolling alongside of everything else that's going on thi smonth. AS A GENERAL PSA we are referencing drug usage/trafficking and a few other mature subjects, so anything else is going under the cut- aside from a note this is completely 100% opt-in and you do not have to be involved/affected by it if you don't want to be.

So to launch right in to things, there's a Secretive New GangTM in town taking advantage of all the criminal...stuff that's already going on. Chaos making chaos and all that. Along with the usual misdemeanors associated with organised crime, they have also started to push a new emotion-based drug created partly from crushed crystals, which produces in its users an intense, rapturous high that also has potentially deadly side effects. Calling it Spike, they have, for the most part, managed to successfully conceal their activities through the use of weaponized emotions by some of the gang's key members- including the ability to alter a witness' emotional memories of events, either to scare them into silence or override incriminating thoughts.

PCs are invited to stumble on their activities and set about enacting justice on them however they see fit - however, there's a twist. Some (upon OOC sign-up) will find themselves quickly framed for various (potentially serious) crimes as the gang tries to cover their tracks, and otherwise be held up while other PCs race to try and prove their innocence - or otherwise proving that someone else is at fault, uncovering the gang's activities. There's also the option of trying the drug themselves, which, as mentioned, gives an intense high before followed by a just-as-intense-if-not-greater low, absolutely to and beyond the point of impaired judgement. Not all of the deadly side effects are physical.

As a courtesy, we would like to ask that players take any addressing of having their characters try Spike very seriously, as this has the impact to affect the game as a whole even with those trying to avoid the plot. That's aside from it being a very delicate subject to begin with. This is not intended to be an, "LOL 420 BLAZE IT" plot, though as a heads up there will be at least one Task Board re; trying a variant of Spike that will have reduced emotional extremes under the cover of pharmaceuticals. Despite all the gifs, it's supposed to be more focused on the criminal shenanigans - I've (Toni) just got a particular sense of humor and want to try and lighten things up after insisting BE SERIOUS BE SERIOUS because in the end this is just trying to engage some drama/action.

There'll be a few other task-board related items related to this, and we'll make it OOCly obvious which ones are which so that those who don't want to get involved can avoid it - and those who do, can get right in the thick of things. We're also open to PCs being part of the gang itself, whether knowingly or not. (Undercover, anyone?)

Endgame is currently visualized to be a final bust of the gang involving local law enforcement and as many PCs who want to be involved. Ideally, we're looking at this to run in the background over about a month or so, though there can be some fallout that runs later.

Because this plot, again, deals with some mature subjects, we don't want to feel like we're pushing it on anyone; while we understand that having a character's CR framed can affect them, we're hoping that there's enough options in how to react that nobody OOCly feels pressured to go a direction they want to avoid. Especially with the gang itself *trying* to be secretive, we're working to give IC reason for characters to be able to go about their daily lives without being troubled with it. That said, please let us know if there's any questions or concerns, or whatever other thoughts you have on this!

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