gottacatch: (huh bwuhhuh?)
Red ([personal profile] gottacatch) wrote in [community profile] empatheias_ooc 2017-03-23 09:13 pm (UTC)

You didn't take long at all!

He would focus and give it some time, since attempts in the past has taken him up to 1-5 minutes. Does 2-3 to get to a bud, 1 minute to die sound fair? (He's gotten into the habit of timing these things. rip.)

Also, I'm assuming that attempting to do the same outside/closer to Shaarnath would still be a no go?

I had a question about Arehtei symbols too. The books are said to have symbols, but I don't know if there would be a familiar symbol, such as an Arehtei symbol, or the Arehtei symbol on any other surface inside the chamber. Would anything like this? Or just a symbol that seems to be repeating inside the room (on the floor, altar, etc).

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