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Welcome to [community profile] empatheias' test drive meme. This test drive is to help interested players test their characters in the game's environment. We've included a few prompts that incorporate specific elements of the game, though you'll find all of them have a lot of leeway for players to get as creative as necessary. Before diving in, here are a few things we'd like to remind everyone about the game in general:

  • Date reminders. Reserves open Saturday, March 25 and Applications (Canon | OC) open a week later on April 1st.

  • OC Reminder! Just a quick reminder that original characters are allowed. Those interested can also use the test drive. OCs do not need to be reserved.

  • Emotions are key! Empatheias' premise focuses on how anyone's emotions can affect their environment, be it big or small. While not every emotion will cause a reaction, significant ones definitely will. How much effect a character will have will ultimately be up to you, the player. Also, while we're giving a lot of leeway for the test drive, keep in mind that there will be some limits in the actual game.

  • Everyone has an amulet. All characters have a unique amulet that is specialized for them. It will contain all of their emotion drops and it serves as the network device. Remember, communication is telepathic. Otherwise, it works basically the same.

  • Assume the character is already in the game. Because "OMG WHERE AM I IS THIS REAL LIFE" threads aren't going to be very helpful in this test drive! Plus those are going to happen in-game, anyway. So to make things easier, just assume that they've been around at least a week or so. Still learning the ropes, but not a complete "first day" experience.

  • First or third person allowed. Your threads can be in either first or third, but we'd advise being flexible about it. Remember, these threads can also be used in your application for samples! Reminder: We only require one sample and it can be done in either format. We have also made a change to our sample requirements, so look over the Applications page!

Now with that out of the way, here are some prompts you guys can work from!


• Prompt A: How about giving the emotions a try?

• Prompt B: Refer to the Task Board and choose a task your character may be interested in taking up. For this prompt, you could have your character ask for help, already be in the middle of the job, or react to it in some way. Perhaps they were an unfortunate victim or want to create a job countering an existing one. You could even have a prompt making a job request. Creating jobs for the purpose of the test drive is absolutely doable.

• Prompt C: How about giving the amulets a go? Start a telepathic conversation and see how it works. Remember, the amulets are sending out the owner's thoughts so might want to be careful about how the stream of consciousness goes...

• Prompt D: The Flower Festival is soon, and that means that a lot of caterers, cooks, restaurants and anyone involved with cooking are gearing up to participate in the celebration. This means that there’s plenty of places that are offering food at enormous discounts, or running food related events outside of their stores. One particular setup is in the center of the market area, where tables upon tables of food have been set up as a sort of buffet: pick what you want and pay as you leave! Unfortunately, someone mischievous has created a real problem. The buffet has turned into an all out food fight and it doesn't look like it’s stopping anytime soon...
  1. Join In. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Might as well join the fun since it’s happening anyway, and you’ve probably already found yourself victim to an errant pizza slice or something already. Grab a handful of whatever is nearest you or pick up a spoon and get that food flying!

  2. Pay up. The fun can only last so long, and none of the vendors are happy. While the food fight has been broken up, the place is still a mess. Participants and people caught up in the crossfire are all being blamed equally. Grab a mop and a dustpan and get cleaning. Or, try and argue your way out of being taken to the local enforcers station and given a hefty fine.

• Prompt E: It’s already spring, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who are still interested in a few last minute winter escapades. Luckily, with cores and emotion fueled dunamis, things like this aren’t exactly off the table yet. A small portion of Lake Niras has been turned into a winter wonderland, down to a thick layer of ice that’s almost strong enough to be skated upon. However, this isn’t what it’s being used for. The local Polar Bear club has decided to hold a springtime version of their usual event and currently has open registration for those who think they’ve got the willpower to take the plunge in the icy water.
  1. Dive Deep.Strip down to your skivvies or don a bathing suit and jump in! The challenge is to stay in the longest of 4 or 2, or to just beat your personal best. In lieu of joining up yourself if you don’t feel like freezing your tush off you’re more than welcome to lead the cheerleading team!!! ... Who are all dressed as different interpretations of Sosyne...

  2. Maintain The Cold. Those who aren't the participating kind might find themselves attracted to the more “Stage hand” like portion of the club event. Those who have practiced dunamis, the art of using your emotions to create all sorts of manifestations under control, might be able to help maintain the frigid temperature in the air that’s causing the snowfall. Or, if you’re just a really negative person you could be unintentionally making it worse. Otherwise, there’s always a need for a few extra hands at rotating the frozen water cores which are helping keep the water particularly icy. Just be careful and try not to get too excited or you’ll melt the cores!

• Prompt F: Ghost tours have become all the rage in Verens, and tonight you find yourself coming along, either willingly or by having one of the organizers pester you into it. But being a guest isn’t the only way to participate—they’re taking volunteers to “assist” as well, to help spice things up and improve the mood. Harness your emotions to make the atmosphere more sinister, or just hide in some bushes or around some corners to surprise someone with an old-fashioned “boo!”
  1. Sewers Dark and dank, the tunnels underneath the city are already a good place to scare or be scared. The tour takes characters through a lesser-used portion of the sewers, meaning it’s slightly less smelly, but there’s still plenty of opportunity for spooky stories. Don’t get caught by the mossgator or the restless spirits of its victims...

  2. Inside the Memory Tree The giant tree that stands in the city’s square hasn’t always been a safe place, especially the dungeon-like spaces inside. The twisting wood and vines have been home to all sorts of monsters that have been a threat in the past, from moving plants with sticky vines to shadow creatures with sharp teeth—or so the tour guides will say. The tree may not have been around long enough to have much history to it, but that doesn’t stop them from playing it up.

  3. Abandoned Buildings
  4. Always a necessity for any ghost tour, this leg of the trip will take characters past and through a few rundown places, including an old warehouse, a creaky mansion, and a set of dirty apartments. Don’t forget all the dark alleyways in between, or the stories of long-past serial killers who choked their victims to death right over there…

• Prompt G: Make your own! It could include maraschino cherries and/or knives.

For your threads, put the Character Name and the Canon in the subject line to help readily identify them. You're also welcome to use more than one prompt for respondents to choose from. If you have any questions or want to brush up on the game information, refer to the Game Information entry. Otherwise, tag around and have fun!
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[These ghost tours were just perfect for Emizel to practice scaring humans, skills that will someday be vital if he ever sees the Netherworld again. Even if he could just do small things like rattling noises, lower temperature, or dim lights - it was a blast seeing the reactions... and feeling them.]

[Although something about one of the voices seemed...familiar. Emizel paused everything he was doing to take a look. Who knows, it could be someone play a trick on him too!]

[B-but no. It was-- It really was her!]

Eliz--Ow. [S-swinging staff, not good. He huddled in a corner covering his head so the pain will stop...]
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[personal profile] pinkidealist 2017-03-18 09:47 am (UTC)(link)
{She was just so panicked that she didn't realize who it was. Not until she heard him call out. She stopped flailing to see who it was; Hopefully one of the people who had dragged her in here with them and left alone. But no...}

Ah... {It wasn't any them, but even better.} E-Emizel...?

{Once she realized it was really him, she stopped. She was still thinking of what to say when she heard the eerie creaking again, causing her to rush over to him and hold on to him out of fear.}

I-I don't want to be here...
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[personal profile] trademark_skull 2017-03-18 09:54 am (UTC)(link)
[Y-you're...holding him. You're actually holding to him.]

U-um...you know this is all fake right?

[At least, it was supposed to be. That's what he signed up for.]
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[personal profile] pinkidealist 2017-03-18 09:56 am (UTC)(link)
I-It is...?

W-Well... It's not fun.

{Being dragged in sucks. She'd like to blame Alvin but she can't.}
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[personal profile] trademark_skull 2017-03-18 10:06 am (UTC)(link)
[Luckily he does know the quickest ways out...]

How did you get here? [Because there could have been better places to meet than here.]
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[personal profile] pinkidealist 2017-03-18 10:08 am (UTC)(link)
Well... I was dragged in here and then I got separated from the others...
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[personal profile] trademark_skull 2017-03-18 10:15 am (UTC)(link)
[Well those no good goddamn--]

D-don't worry, I can get you out.

[There's many fake walls set up so the so called 'ghosts' can move around unnoticed. From there it's easy to find a door leading outside.]
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{She'll just follow him, holding firmly onto his hand for support, as if she was going to lose him. Once they were finally out, she could finally let out a breath of relief.}

T-Thank you.
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[Emizel lit up with the tiniest of white sparkles. He did not even notice the part of the outside wall was repairing itself, apparently all the old building needed was just some good feelings to fix it up.]

I can't believe it, you really are back! [He pulled Elize into the biggest hug he could give.]
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{She partially didn't expect the hug, but she'll gladly welcome it. She missed him too.}

I'm sorry for disappearing again.... {And after the things she told Roxas...}
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[personal profile] trademark_skull 2017-03-18 10:34 am (UTC)(link)
[Yes hugs. All the hugs.]

I-I missed you...

[In case that was not obvious yet?]

[...Also yes make sure Roxas knows.]
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Has... everything been okay here?

{In other words, what has she missed? Was Roxas okay is what she really wanted to ask, but couldn't bring herself to do it; Not with the guilt she felt... He must have taken it hard again.}
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Things have been pretty calm as of late. [Or more than it used to be.] More explorations to the surface world, which can be a little dangerous, but nothing so much happening here.

[Nothing...grand scale, anyway. There was still the wyverns...]

[He won't be upset if she wants to talk about Roxas. Though his information was limited there.]
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That's good to hear. I wonder how far the exploration has gone.

{She would, but she feels it was probably best to worry about other things until she could find him herself. Besides, she probably has a lot to catch up to.}
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[personal profile] trademark_skull 2017-03-18 12:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Pretty far I guess. Then again...I don't think I know how big the world actually is down there.

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[personal profile] pinkidealist 2017-03-19 04:51 am (UTC)(link)
Has Alvin been behaving himself?

{A chance to poke fun at dad? Aw yeah.}
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[personal profile] trademark_skull 2017-03-19 11:43 am (UTC)(link)
About as well as he usually does.

[That being said though.]

...He does miss you a lot.
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[personal profile] pinkidealist 2017-03-20 01:03 am (UTC)(link)
... I'm sure he does... I miss him too.
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[personal profile] trademark_skull 2017-03-23 12:41 am (UTC)(link)
[Ponders for a moment]

But you went back home right? Wasn't Alvin still there?