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-1 Gorilla.

Hey everyone, this is Ax.

I'm posting to let you all know I'm dropping Winston. I apologize to everyone who tagged his most recent post and wanted to plot, but right now isn't a smart time for me to have two characters in as active and involved a game as Empatheias.

It's simply not fair to the other players and his growing cast. School is really ramping up for the end of the quarter "all the research papers" and as it's my first quarter of graduate school it's just not in the cards for me to keep Winston right now. If he hasn't been picked up later on, I'll probably bring him back.

I am still here with Rei Hino, however, so please feel free to pester her.
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Do what you have to do! ♥ I loved reading his threads when I was scoping out the game, but you have to look out for yourself.