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Welcome to [community profile] empatheias' test drive meme. This test drive is to help interested players test their characters in the game's environment. We've included a few prompts that incorporate specific elements of the game, though you'll find all of them have a lot of leeway for players to get as creative as necessary. Before diving in, here are a few things we'd like to remind everyone about the game in general:

  • Date reminders. Reserves open Friday, June 24 and Applications (Canon | OC) open Friday, July 1st.

  • OC Reminder! Just a quick reminder that original characters are currently allowed. Those interested can also use the test drive. OCs do not need to be reserved.

  • Emotions are key! Empatheias' premise focuses on how anyone's emotions can affect their environment, be it big or small. While not every emotion will cause a reaction, significant ones definitely will. How much effect a character will have will ultimately be up to you, the player. Also, while we're giving a lot of leeway for the test drive, keep in mind that there will be some limits in the actual game.

  • Everyone has an amulet. All characters have a unique amulet that is specialized for them. It will contain all of their emotion drops and it serves as the network device. Remember, communication is telepathic. Otherwise, it works basically the same.

  • Assume the character is already in the game. Because "OMG WHERE AM I IS THIS REAL LIFE" threads aren't going to be very helpful in this test drive! Plus those are going to happen in-game, anyway. So to make things easier, just assume that they've been around at least a week or so. Still learning the ropes, but not a complete "first day" experience.

  • First or third person allowed. Your threads can be in either first or third, but we'd advise being flexible about it. Remember, these threads can also be used in your application for samples! Reminder: We only require one sample and it can be done in either format. We have also made a change to our sample requirements, so look over the Applications page!

Now with that out of the way, here are some prompts you guys can work from!


• Prompt A: How about giving the emotions a try?

• Prompt B: Refer to the Task Board and choose a task your character may be interested in taking up. For this prompt, you could have your character ask for help, already be in the middle of the job, or react to it in some way. Perhaps they were an unfortunate victim or want to create a job countering an existing one. You could even have a prompt making a job request. Creating jobs for the purpose of the test drive is absolutely doable.

• Prompt C: How about giving the amulets a go? Start a telepathic conversation and see how it works. Remember, the amulets are sending out the owner's thoughts so might want to be careful about how the stream of consciousness goes...

• Prompt D: Another new marketing ploy thought up by the geniuses who brought in Empatheias’ version of the red string of fate have been up all night toiling on their newest creation, sand charms. It's not just any kind of sand either, but sand that has been exposed to intense emotions of any kind, long enough to color them with the appropriately aligned colors. Light pastel sands are infused with brightly intense positive emotions, while darker colored jewel tones are power packed with negative emotions.

The point, you ask? The jewel toned sands are meant to subdue negative emotions while the pastel ones are meant to strengthen and empower positive emotions. It seems like a good idea, except in some cases the colors and effects have gotten mixed up. It only gets more likely the more colors and effects are in one charm.

• Prompt E: On an otherwise innocuous day, without a cloud in the sky or a hint of breeze in the air, the street you’re on is abruptly deluged in fish. Lots of lake-fresh fish, pouring down from the sky like icthyian rain, and worse, these fish are charged with anger. Their gleaming red eyes promise pain and agony for anyone they can get their teeth into as they flop violently about on the cobblestones, and that anger might be extending to you as well…

• Prompt F: Toy manufacturers, having finally if temporarily clued in that their line of Arehtei plushes keep having awkward side effects, have turned from stuffed emotional avatars to more interactive toys. Their latest entry into the realm of entertainment is the FeelSpring (working name), a coiled twist of metal that, when subjected to emotions, begins actually WALKING! Stretching forward with one end, then bringing its rearmost coils forward with a delightful slinking sound. But its behavior varies with the emotion you focus on it. Fix it with anger and it might crack painfully into someone’s shin, while love or compassion may find it wrapping around some poor soul and not letting go till you come over and free them. Can you keep your FeelSpring from harassing your friends, or did you never even consider the consequences till it went for some poor nearby soul?

• Prompt G: Make your own! It could include glitter bombs and/or glue sticks.

For your threads, put the Character Name and the Canon in the subject line to help readily identify them. You're also welcome to use more than one prompt for respondents to choose from. If you have any questions or want to brush up on the game information, refer to the Game Information entry. Otherwise, tag around and have fun!

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